2.10. « Fregatten Jylland » 2e meeting Comenius « The Sea » in Århus (Denmark)- April 2013: 2nd day = April 22nd )

2.10. « Fregatten Jylland » = “The frigate warship Jylland” – 2e meeting Comenius « The Sea » in Århus (Denmark) from April 20th to 27th 2013 (2nd day = April 22nd )


Two “top” visits of this 1rst day, having some similarities with “Bourcefranc 1rst Comenius meeting”…:

-1° Visit of the old sailing boat, the frigate warship “Jylland”, the longest wooden ship ever built in the world, during XIXst century.DSC_0053


-2° Visit of the “Kattegat Centre and Aquarium”, with aquarium, touch-pools and the seals… .






•Program of 1rst day:

Morning: 8.30: Presentation of campus and facilities at Green Academy in Beder

10.00: Departure for “Fregatten Jylland” at Ebeltoft harbor (70 minutes drive)

10.45: Short break near 14th century ruins of “Kalø Cas-tle”. History speeks.

11.30: Lunch bags inside the “Fregatten Jylland”

12.00: Guided tour on ”Fregatten Jylland”

13.30: Departure to Grenå, the easternmost point of Jut-land

14.15: Visiting the “Kattegat Centre” – Aquarium, shark and seals centre of Denmark, and the “Alge Center Denmark” producing seaweeds for energentical and waste-treatments purposes.

16.00: Departure to GA in Beder

17.30: Dinner with resident students in the cantina in Beder.

19.00:  Typical evening event for students in Beder: “Bingo”.

 • …

to follow

– More about “Fregatten Jylland” on this page ,

and about the “Kattegat Aquarium” here .



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