2.34. L’ avventura di 12 “coloni di Catania” nel paese dell’Odissea (1) – 4th Comenius meeting “the Sea” in Sicilia

2.34. La (vulcanica ! ) avventura di 12 “coloni di Catania”***  nel paese dell’Odissea (1) : 1rst of the 4th Comenius meeting “the Sea” in Sicilia; 2014 March 31rst

2.34. La (volcanique !) aventure de 12 “colons de Catane”*** au pays de l’Odyssée. (1) : 1er jour de la 4e rencontre Comenius “The Sea” en Sicile; 31 Mars 2014


– View from our hotel’s room, the next morning (above picture) ,

( N.B. ***: To know more about “coloni di Catania” (“Colons de Catane“, “The Settlers of Catan“), the board-game: see here (english), or here, here (italiano), here (french), or here (danish),…)

DSCF5562DSCF5564– Travel from Bourcefranc to Paris-Roissy puis Vol vers Catania.

– Welcome by Roberto at Catania airport and tranfert to the “Yachting hotel”, in Riposto near Giarre . Dinner with all the partner at the hotel restaurant

– View from our hotel’s room the next morning (1rst picture above)

( à suivre )

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