Création d’une saynète en anglais

Sur le bateau

Grandfather: You are a good fisherman! Baptiste: Thanks grandpa, thanks to you. Grandfathere: You look tired. Baptiste: Yeah a little bit. (Quelques secondes de silence) Grandfather: Look, I'm gonna tell you about another story. Baptiste: Here we go again. Grandgather: This one is interesting, trust me! Baptiste: I do. Grandfather: Once upon a time... Baptiste: Please, grandpa... Grandfather: (Laugh) Ok. There was a village in the montain of Rhune, where poeple fell sick, one after the others. But in this village, there was a man smartest than the others, he found out that people weren't ill. It was the work of devils. (Batiste regarde son grand-père) Grandfather: What's wrong? Baptiste: Nothing. Carry on. Grandfather: Then he went and found the devils and he fought against them, that was a terrible fight cause they were cruel.

Dans le conte

(les vampires, parlent entre eux) Vampire1: I want blood. Vampire2: Yes, so do I. (Les vampires miment des dialogues entre eux) Vampire3: (rejoint Vampire1 et 2) It smeels young flesh. (Ils se retournent et voient le chasseur arriver) Vampire2: What the hell are you doing here? Chasseur: I want to see your boss, right now. Vampire1: Why? Chasseur: We have to talk. Vampire3: No way! Get out of here! (Le chasseur ne bouge pas) Vampire1: Don't make us sorry to leave you alive. (Le chasseur sort son poignard, et ils se battent) Chef des Vampires: Stop it! (Le combat s'arrête) Chef des Vampires: What do you want? Chasseur: I want you to let my village in peace! Chef des Vampires: What do you mean? Chasseur: How do you explain that people suddenly fall sick? Chef des Vampires: What makes you think that it's us? Chasseur: I'm sure you're involved. (quelques secondes de silences) Chef des Vampires: You're so brave for a mortal for coming here alone. With just a daggar as a defence. Just out of curiosity, what do you hope while coming here? Chasseur: I want you to stop! People die because of you. Chef des Vampires: What do you except? Chasseur: I'll never let you in peace. Chef des Vampires: What do we have in exchange? Chasseur: Peace. You'll be in peace. Chef des Vampire: All right.

Sur le bateau

Grandfather: Afterwards devils promised to let the village in peace. But the hunter didn't trust them. Indeed he created the hunter of banpiros. Baptiste: Bampiros? Means vampires? Grandpa that's the first time you tell me a story about vampires. Grandfather: Baptiste that's not a tale. That's your story, your family's story. That's why your parents are dead, because we are hunters. You're a hunter of vampires. Philithée Kabylo, Téo Mérard, Guillaume Barraud, Martin Gomes, Mathis Courteix

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