Airbus in France

At first, french students tried to answer the following questions:

Why does the World need the Airbus A380?   and

What features make the A380 to be a good seller?

In the next part LP2I students present their work on the main A380 factories in France. The blue parts of the plane in the picture are manufactured in France. The numbers indicate the site where parts are made.


Presentation of the main french plane factories:

Méaulte site by Jimmy & Ismael ;   Nantes_site   by Thomas; 

St_Nazaire_site by Arthur;      St_Eloi_site by Nathan

final assembly area: Toulouse_site by Elie

Once the parts are made, they have to be transported to other factories and to Toulouse.

In the following article Juan explores different kinds of the Airbus A380 parts transport in France.