Italy April 2014


The theme of this mobility was Industry and Airbus. The programme of the week was full of interesting events. The most important were the visit to COMAU Factory, world leader in production of industrial robots, and students activities at school on Airbus 380, European collaborative project.

The timeline of the mobility:

Some pictures of students’ activities at school (took by Italian Students):

and pictures of participating partners:

COMAU factory visit: 

See how our students programmed a robotic arm during their vist to COMAU Factory in the “Robo Lab”, after the lesson and explanations given by the engineers of the company that hosted us on 9th April 2014 on how a robotic arm works and what it can perform in industries, according to their different tasks

French students articles about the mobility to Italy:

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Nicolas & Melvin: visit of the Milan’s World-Famous Gothic Cathedral

Ismaël : Leonardo da Vinci area in Milan’s Science Museum

Marc: Evolution of light bulbs in Milan’s Science Museum

Arthur: Transpot area in Milan’s Science Museum

 Lucas: COMAU factory visit

Nathan: Automobile museum

Elie: Royal Palace in Turin

Mathieu: Cinema museum in Turin

Amaury: visit of Baroque Turin 

Juan: French students’ impressions on hosting families’ warm welcome

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