Visit at INTA

The picture beneath was taken in INTA, the National Institute for Aerospace Technology, in Spain where we visited some of its test laboratories on the 27th of March 2015.

The INTA has one of the most advanced installations in the world for testing aircraft engines with a thrust of up to 140,000 pounds. It has also a specifically designed installation for structural and functional testing of the ARIANE launch vehicle.

You can read the article written by Arthur (France) about this Institute.

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Robots at Futuroscope

In December 2014 French students studying one robotscience of engineering subject visited the technical room of “Dance with robots” attraction at the Futuroscope theme park, next to Poitiers.


Nathan, in his article,  explains some technical problems that engineers have to deal with in this kind of attractions.


Robotics departement at SP2MI (Fr)

SP2MI is a scientific part of the Univesity of Poitiers. Theresp2mi are a lot of very modern scientific labs at SP2MI and on the 12th Nov 2014 (mobility in France) we could visit the robotics lab.


Students could meet a scientific researcher that explained them his work. They could see some robots that they learned about preparing their radio programmes.
The most interesting robot was the one you can see beneath. This robot can paint the picture of anybody and it does it quite well (as you can see.).