France March 2014

 Delegations from 10 European Countries came to LP2I (France) for the international week in March 2014. The present countries were:  Italy, Malta, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Russia. 

   This event was an opportunity to present our Comenius project to foreign students and teachers and to involve some of them in our robotics activities.

The timeline of the meeting:

Radio show on the I&R Comenius and some special uses for Robots


This radio show was broadcasted on the french school’s radio DELTA FM 90.2.

It was a students’ task. They have to prepare the content before the meeting in Poitiers. Students have chosen the theme: “Random and strange uses for Robots”.

French students have prepared the programme. Then Italian students have developed the part on the robotherapy and Maltese students the part on new kinds of robots for the fashion industry. picture_2At the end of the radio show all presented students discussed the use of robots in our life.
A small video of the recording is available in our TwinSpace.

Next, French students had to clean the Radio Show so you can listen to the final version.

Introduction and basics of Robotics programming workshop

 During the first robotics activity students, in small international groups, had to program and test their robots. At the and of this workshop a contest between robots allowed to choose the best ones. 


You can find more pictures of this mobility in our TwinSpace.