France November 2014

The theme of the first mobility in the second year of the project was: “Research and Robotics“.

During the first part of the school year, all project’s partners worked on the state of robotics research and on benefits  of the robots development for humans.

Some articles relate results of their work.

French and Spanish students research on this subject allowed them to prepare collaborative radio shows that they recorded on the French school’s radio DeltaFM90.2.

The programme of the mobility in France was intended to improve students knowledge in the domain of robotics research. Students had the opportunity to visit some robotics labs and meet some researchers that explained them their work.

Moreover, by visiting ENSMA, a Higher Engineering School of Mechanics and Aeronautics, students could discover some plane engines and a wind tunnel, our project’s subjects of the previous year.

The main objectives of the visit of the Futuroscope theme park were to discover the use of robots in the entertainment industry.

You can see some more important events of our meeting in its timeline.

The timeline of the meeting:

Students participating in this mobility had two international robotics workshops.

The first one was the “Pong experience” prepared by a Spanish teacher and in the second one, prepared by a French teacher, students had to program an NXT robot equipped with an ultrasonic sensor.

Beneath you can see some pictures of these workshops:


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