Presentation of the Comenius project

Mis en avant

European industry spans several sectors that contribute to high economic activities and generate mass employment in different fields: automotive, aerospace, defense, chemicals, biotechnology, food. European educational institutions face the challenge of supplying skilled employees to sustain it, especially in this period of economic crisis.
Robotics is fast becoming an integral part of the school curriculum with its ability to integrate a broad range of subjects, most notably Technology, Science and Maths Key Learning Areas, and encouraging students to think creatively, analyze situations and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to real world problems. Teamwork and co-operation are a cornerstone of any Robotics project.
The cooperation of the four project’s partners: France, Italy, Malta and Spain aims at preparing future skilled workers by:
• developing the students’ consciousness in the possibilities offered by the European market as future European employees, through the analysis of the industrial world and its implications, visits to factories and universities, contacts with experts, Robotics competitions (students: 14-19+)
• developing and improving their learning through an innovative teaching approach of applied science and use of ICT based on sharing, comparison and cooperation, with a strong emphasis on thinking skills, towards a common European “school-dimension”
• production of common works and didactic material shared on dedicated internet sites, based on a comprehensive analysis and approach to the subjects
• improving the teachers’ approach to teaching transversal key competences and promoting active European cooperation, mobility and citizenship