Radio shows on robotics research

During the meeting in France, in November 2014, French and Spanish students worked on the subject of robotics research.

They prepared and recorded some radio shows. deltaFM

(French school’s radio: DELTA FM 90.2)


French group Assimo with Spanish students: David and Rubén presenting life saving and nano robots:

Jaquette Asimo


French group Beemo (Martial, JingKun, Marie, Soline) with Spanish students: Alejandro and Daniel presenting robotics research in space:



French group EVE2D2  (Lila, Sija, Solène) with Spanish students: Samuel, Anaton, Ana and Fatima presenting robotics research on exoskeletons:



French group MOBY with their Spanish partners presenting bionic hand:



French group Optimus Prime with Spanish students: Alejandro, Marta, Sofia and Nerea presenting robots companions and home robots:

jaquette optimus

Students articles

Students articles on the state of robotics research and its tendency:

The state of robotic research by Manuela, Josslyn and Kyara (Malta)

Bionic hand by Paul, Sizhu and Clément (France)

Bionic hands by Spanish students

Space explorer by Soline, Marie, Martial and Jingkun (France)

Space explorer by Alejandro and Daniel (Spain)

Mars curiosity by Umberto (Italy)

Life-saving robots by Hangyi, Yagiz and Mohamed (France)

Bomb defusing robots by Mattia, Simone, Stefano (Italy)

Military robots by Davide and Daniele (Italy)

Robot companions by  Lucas, Antoine and Yixuan (France)

JIBO Robot companion by  Alejandro and Sofia (Spain)

Little dog by Gabriele and Orlando (Italy)

Climbin robot RiSE by Ivan (Italy)

Termomix home robot by  Marta and Nerea (Spain)

Exoskeleton by Solène – Lila – Sijja (France)

Hulc exoskeleton by Samuel, Anaton, Ana and Fatima (Spain)

Big Dog robot by 5CM Gianluca (Italy)

Drones by Romane – Sarah – Ismaël – Dimitri (France)

ThrowBot XT by Giorgio (Italy)

Sand Flea by Luca (Italy)

Turbo ace drone by Spanish students

Amphibious hexapod  Aqua 2 by Dario and Samuele (Italy)