Renewable energies

Students’ works on some renewable energies:

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French students presentations:

 Geothermal energy  by Théo  & Nicolas

 hydroelectricity by Michael & Rodolphe

 Biofuels by Théo    (in french)

Energies of the future and lower environmental impact by Valentin & Arthur

(this article is based on a TPE project where you can also find sources : TPE projet)

Italian students presentations:

 Renewable energies in Italy 


Hydroelectric power

A video produced by Italian students, some music and words to underline the importance of  environment protection

Maltese students presentations:

Renewable energies in Malta by Maltese students

Spanish students presentations:

Renewable energies in Spain


Geothermal energy 


Eco-friendly devices

Students’ works on Eco-friendly devices:

French students presentations (click on the first page to change the page):

   hydrogen cars   by Maxime & Théo

   Hybrid Cars  by Léo & Pierre

   Passive House_1  by Quentin & Kévin

   Passive House_2 by Lysandre

   Passive houses 3  by Roman

   Eco-friendly Planes   by Clément et Ronan 

Italian students presentation on:

Electric cars

Bi-fuel cars


Hydrogen engines