Les élèves de 2nde ont reçu des Américains de Hoffman Estates

Au mois d’avril, les élèves des classes de Seconde 11 et 12 ont reçu, avec leur professeure Mme Pouzet, les Américains de Hoffman Estates, ville jumelle d’Angoulême. Vous pouvez lire, ci-dessous, les articles produits à la suite de cette rencontre.

Our meeting with Skyler

About two weeks ago, our English teacher told us that we were going to meet an American coach and an American teenager.

On Tuesday, April 11th, we met Skylar. She was born in Chicago. She was 17 years old and was in junior year in High School. High School is usually 4 year-long but she will be graduated in December because she is very smart. She was about to take the final exam of High School which consists in writing 80 pages. She is learning 7 languages, Italian, German, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish and of course English. She likes music, like Ed Sheeran and Frank Sinatra. Her favourite films are The James Bond movies.

Finally she likes Teen Wolf and Grey’s Anatomy. After High School, she wants to go to college and travel a lot. She really likes Wisconsin but she wants to visit the countries where they speak the languages that she’s learning at school. So she started with France, she arrived on April the 3rd, she stays in a French family for 2 weeks and a half. She likes junk food, chips and sneakers. She has got 4 siblings and she is teaching ballet to 8-9 year old girls. She played 15 sports but American football is her favourite.

In her family, sport is very important because she is teaching dance to her little sister, her brother plays soccer and her other brother plays baseball sometimes with her. At her school there are fifteen sports which represent it. In American High Schools, the students are very proud of their school. They want to win all the competitions to show their superiority and to show that their school is the best. There are many associations in it and they also do competitions to bring money for the associations. To be in a sport team you have to be a part of the best in class and sport. In America, everybody loves the Super Bowl. All the families watch it on television. It’s very important. Skyler has never seen it for real because a ticket costs more than one thousand dollars. But in France we don’t have a competition as important as the Super Bowl. There are big differences between France and America.

When we asked her to know what shocked her in France, her first thought was the bathroom because in France, families share it, while in America, the parents have a bathroom and every child has one too. At her school, classes end at 3p.m, while in France they end at 6p.m. When we talked about food, she said “I prefer French food because American food is so fat. My favourite French food is the mousse au chocolat”. Life is very different because in America it’s a perpetual competition, for cars or for clothes. When she described us her High School, we asked her if her high school looked liked the one in High School Musical, she said that ours looked much more like the one in the movie. We were all shocked. When she arrived in front of the High school and when she saw that most of young people smoked she was very shocked because in America smoking is a “taboo” subject.

Chloé Zambon, Laurine Pouzet, Laura Poupelin, Thomas Berthault.

2ndes 11/12



Tuesday 02 May, 2017.

Today’s News

Americans visit their twin city.

A group of American coaches interviewed by a class of 2nde.

Angoulême opened its arms to the coaches of its twin city : Hoffman Estates.

In Mme Pouzet’s class, we were separated into 4 groups to welcome and interview a band of American Coaches.

One of these coaches was a man called Dave. He was born in Chicago. When he was little, he had an interest in baseball. But around 7th grade, his passion for football arose, which led to a scholarship to play football at Jean Clevol University.

Later on, he became a guidance counselor as well as a football coach for a school.

( He was also a History teacher for 2 years.)

He has been in many different schools, either as a student or a teacher and has had many different kinds of mascots representing those schools, such as a wolf, a cougar, a blue devil, a meteorite and a clover.

He likes football a lot, he says it is a great way to express aggression in a healthy way. It is a rough sport, but a lot of thinking goes into it. That is what Dave likes about football, he likes the intellectual side of it.

Dave was also asked a question concerning the political situation of America, to which he responded by telling us that he did not vote for Trump, nor for Clinton, but for a third party, named the libertarian.

Dave believes that Trump thinks of himself as the Boss when he really isn’t.

In regards to our town, he believes it to be beautiful and he told us that he loved it.

During his stay in France, he has had a taste of the French cuisine and enjoyed it. But he was shocked by the number of students that smoked outside of school.

The coaches seemed to have a good time being interviewed by the students, and I am certain that they spent the rest of their stay in a good mood.

Molly Stables, 2°11



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