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Math and physics problem…Good luck !

From Jaunay-Clan to Naestved


The distance between our two cities is approximately 915 SM (miles), the english unit to measure distances. What is the value for 1 SM in kilometers ? For 1 NM (nautic miles) in kilometers ? To go to Naestved, we must take a ferry from Puttgarden to Rödbyhavn. The distance between these two towns is about 12 NM. So, if we resume, between our two schools, we have :

901SM + 12NM = 1472,235km.

If we drive at 100 km/h and that the boat sails at 20 NM/h, when could we arrive to Naestved if we start our travel at 9:00 am ?

If we begin the travel at the same hour and that we make half of the travel each, how many time will we have to waiting for your arriving ? What is the city nearby the half of the distance ?


The car which we use, goes to Naestved in a straight road. It is driven with constant speed. Car's mass is 2000kg.

What are forces in the moving object ? Describe those.

What is the movement when we see it in a earth referential ?

To arrive faster than in car, we want to take a plane. In cruise speed, the plane flies in constant speed at 200NM.

Calculate this speed in meters/second.

Plane's weight is 150 000 N.

What is the force which compensate this one ? Describe this. What is its intensity ?


The distance, in a straight line from Jaunay-Clan to Naestved, is 670 NM.

What is the distance in kilometers ? How many time does it make to go to Jaunay-Clan with a plane ?

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