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Hello, this will be your first tasks in physics: 1. What weighs most: 1,00^1 kilogram of fresh water with high opacity or 2 times 500 gram crystalized dihydroxid from Europe, Italy, Toscana? 2. A coin is made of 90% Au and 10% Cu (weight in pr. cent) The mass of the coin is 14,16 gram - what is the density of the coin? Good luck! �

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  1. Lucile says

    Sorry, we can’t do the first of the first exercise. We havn’t learnt that in France. Please help us and explain us how we can solve this problem… What do you want to say by “high opacity” ?
    What about your week ?
    Good bye or in French “Au revoir” =D
    How do you say in Danish ?

  2. Lucile says

    Decidedly, your exercise is very hard lol ;-). Could you give us the volume of the coin ?

  3. Pierre-Albert says

    For the first, we was very stupid (lol). In fact it the same weight ( 1Kg and 1 Kg).
    But for the second… Can you reformulate or explain what do you want that we do ?
    -_-‘ .
    Thank you very much and see you !!!

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