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The aventures of Mickael E.T by us

In a far far away galaxy lives a extraterrestre called Mickael ET. But a lot of wars decides Mickael to left his planet, the planet tecktonik, to go on our planet , The EARTH !!! Very faster he likes very much her and he takes the decision to lives on. First he saw in a magazine an strange thing, a swimming-pool. Now,his dream of ever is to have a swiming-pool but he hasn't got a field. A day, he see in the newpaper an annonce and he decid to contact the saler. But there is a big problem because an other person wants to buy it. The saler, a sympatic extraterestre, decid to cut his field in diagonal, in to equal parts. Here is the field: field1.jpg The width of the field, a rectangle, is 250 meters and its lenght 400 meters. Find the area of the triangle and its perimeter. After having payed the constructor, he decides one more time to spend his money in a very very very wonderful swimming-pool. But not a simple pool, it's E.T., he needs the perfection same on his planet. So he wants to build an architectural pool. But he's not an ingenior and he needs again your help ! Draw and explain how to draw this shape (the swimming-pool) sans-titre.JPG After build his wonderful swimming-pool, he don't wanna stop here ! He feels so good on this planet, he decides to build a little house in the field. But there are a lot of tsunamis, storms, hurricans and he have to build a perfect and original roof. But he is angry because he thinks his neighbour, the diabolic Dr House², has the same roof as him. With the congruents triangles, find if the roofs are the same. maison1.jpg ABCD is a square with the sides = 5 AJF= 30° JFA = 60° FE = 11 AFE = 25° FEA = 30° EAB = 13° EB = 4 BI = 6 EBI = 90° KFG = 90° GE = 6 KF = 12 maison11.JPG ABCD is a square with the sides = 5 FAJ = 90° AJF = 30° FAE = 125° AE = 13 FEA = 30° FEB = 60° ABE = 137 BEI = 40° EIB = 50° EB = 4 BI = 6 FG = 5

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