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How d?

which basically means "how are you?", "how's life?" for Texans. Of course, it comes from "how do you do?" but it's way less formal. Let me introduce myself: I'm French, I have Spanish roots, I teach English and am currently learning (or should I say trying to learn?) Japanese. Um, sounds odd but hey in the global village we're living in, things are getting complicated, or are they not? I belong to the French dreamteam (the maths teacher and myself -wink, wink) and I've just been appointed as an administrator (postulate ==> talk nice to me and you won't be banned). I'll post from time to time: links, a few brain-teasers and other stuff I might collect. Bye for now, like Major Motoko Kusanagi (G.I.T.S. for the anime geeks) I have to dive into the WWW, which of course means world wide web for me and work work work for you. Cheers !

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  1. camille says

    Mister Blay you’re not hidden anymore ! I found you !

    Well you’re an administrator now ^^’ (Help us, please help us, we’ll all be kicked soon I think ^^)

    Okay, back to for me -_-‘

    See you Mr. 666

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