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Problem of mathematics (number 1) :

To go to Danemark, a French college use seven bus that is 2/3 emply. To ear money, teachers decide to stop all the bus at Strasbourg and reduct the number of bus. How many bus do the school need for all the pupils have a sitting place ? And in this bus, three pupils drink a bottle of water (1 liter). One, alone, drink 1 liter during 1 hour. The second, alone, drink 1 liter during 3 hours. The third, alone, drink 1 liter during 6 hours. How much time do they need to drink together all the bottle ?

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  1. Elomi says

    3 busses, 2 that is full, and one that is 1/3 full.

    well they need 6 hours to drink three bottles.

  2. Elomi says

    sorry, misunderstod the second execise, if they drink one bottle of water at the same time, then it will take 40 minuttes.
    1+2+6 = 9.
    9 liter in 6 hours.
    9/6 * 60 min = 40 min

  3. priotona says

    Correct exercices, Great Job.
    But your step is a little confused.
    In the first exercice, we would like countings. There is some mistakes too…

    Well, we think that your mark must be 8/10.

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