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1) I am a molecule composed of three atoms and two elements. I weigh 44 grams per mole. I am the first cause of global warming. WHO AM I? 2)I am an atom heavier than lithium and lighter than potassium. I can't form any molecule but I am present in ionic compounds. I sometimes go with chlore to form a basic food which is very present in the sea. I can't be used in lamps too. WHO AM I?

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  1. Josephine says

    1) CO2
    2) Natrium


  2. guerinep says

    Well done !! You have find the answer. I think it’s so easy for you isn’t it ?
    But in english it’s sodium not natrium but it’s right.
    9/10 Congratulations !!

  3. Josephine says

    It was easy, but I didn’t knew that natrium was called sodium in english…

  4. guerinep says

    Now you know you will not be stupid going in the bed (french expression, humor)

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