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Exercise of geometry by the group 5

Take a lead pencil and draw the figure described below :
Firstly draw an equilateral triangle ABC, the sides have a length of 10cm. Draw the height of AB, (HC). Then do all the bisectors of the triangle. Draw a circle, which has as center the intersection of the bisectors, called C, with a radius of 2cm. After, draw another circle, C', with C as center and for radius [HC]. C' cut (HC) in N. Now draw a new circle C'' with the same diameter that C. Finally you must erase the bisectors and C'. You have finish. Congratulate.

Question bonus : Now try to find what this figure represent. An indication, we are 37 hours in.

Good luck!=D

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  1. Erling says

    We have followed the instructions undtil we were tould to cut the c’ out (HC) in N. What do you meen by that? And what is N?

  2. teruelr says

    N is the intersection point of (HC) and the circle C’ .

  3. teruelr says

    N is also the center of the circle C”.
    Sorry for the mistake. ; )

  4. teruelr says

    Is this ok for you?

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