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Mathematics to the Frenchmen :)

Mathematics  assignment 1: The informations we know show´s so-called "Serach Volume index," which is an expression for how many different words there are searching for. In this case the words "Santa Claus." We presume there are an exponential connection between y (the value for the maximum "Search Volume index" for "Santa Claus") and x (the number of years after 2004) and this relation is given by:

Y= 15,47*0,816x

1.) How many searches will there be ón Santa Claus in the year 2020? 2.) How many searches was there on Santa Claus in the year 1990? 3.) Find the half-life (period) T1/2

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  1. hammamis says

    1) We change x by the number of years between 2004 and 2020.
    In the year 2020, will there are 201.98 searches on “Santa Claus”

    2) We change x by the number of years between 2004 and 1990.
    In the year 1990, there were 176 searches on “Santa Claus”

    3) Can you give us more presision about this question. thanks

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