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One more mathe exercise


The picture shows a sketch of escaladers in the underground station in Kyoto.

The escaladers go from A that lies on the track, over D to F, and ends in H which lies in the street level. Some of the measures are already on the picture.

- Find the lengths of D to E

- Find the angel A and the length of the escalader from A to D

The escalader from F to H is 25 meters long

- Find the high differences between tracks and street level (K to H)

- Find the length from A to K

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  1. bertinb says

    Sorry ! We need the lenght of CE. Thanks

  2. Josephine says

    okay sorry, I missed some thing on the drawing.
    A to E is 21 m
    E to G is 4 m

  3. bertinb says

    ok ! thank you !

  4. bertinb says

    first question:
    (BC) perpenducular to (AE) and (DE) perpendicular to (AE).
    If to lines are perpendicular to a same line,so they
    are parallels
    So (BC) and (DE) are parallels.

    A is on (BD) and (CE) and (BC) parallel to (DE)
    so, with the theorem of Thalés we have :
    BC/DE = AC/AE = (AB/AD)
    4/DE = 7/21 we use the cross system
    we have : 4*21=7DE

  5. Josephine says

    Yes |BC| and |DE| are parallels.
    And yes again |DE| is 12

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