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We have the first exercise for you

A family of five persons goes to a restaurant for Christmas. They want to eat snails and frogs. The mother, Yvette oders six snails and eight frogs. The father, Jean-Claude, takes four frogs more his wife and one-third of his frogs in snails. His daughter, Ginette, wants to eat three snails less than his father and two times less frogs than her mother. However, she exchanges two of her frogs with snails. Her older brother, Gérard, would like more snails than his father but less than his mother. He orders two frogs less than his sister too. The youngest, Gertrude, wants two snails less than her mother and half frogs of her father. But she isn't hungry, so she gives three of her frogs to her brother. How many snails and frogs ate each person ? We know that two snails cost three euros and one frog costs two euros. So at the end, how much the family has to pay ? Good luck ! Group 9

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