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exercise group 2

Finally, there it is !! Our exercise is finish ! Have fun ! 1) Kévin plays at SUPER MARIO WORLD on his Gamebox color red and blue. He made a game and lost at the end of the first level. He won 189 coins in recolt them on flying cubes and dinish his game in 120 seconds. We know that one time the game finished, he win 1 coin/leaved seconds and that at the beginning he start with a total of 300 seconds, calculate the number of coins he won in all. 2) Kevin made 10 others games in wiches he won : 1st : 453 2nd : 399 3rd : 346 4th : 402 5th : 309 6th : 469 7th : 445 8th : 390 9th : 404 10th : 328 Calculate the median, the mode, the average, the first quartil and the third one. Make a table of all the results from the smallest to the biggest it could help you.

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  1. North State says

    He won 3945 coins

    1; 309
    2; 328
    3; 346
    4; 390
    5; 399
    6; 402
    7; 445
    8; 446
    9; 453
    10; 469

    The median is 399
    The mode …?
    The average is 394,5
    The first quartil 354,4
    The third quartil is 443

  2. North State says

    The first quartil 337
    The third quartil is 449,5


  3. ophele_p says

    Escuse me but I asked you to calculate the number of coins he won in the first game, not in all the games ! The mode is the number you can found by make this operation : “number maxi of coins won”-“number mini of coins won”. Bye !

  4. ophele_p says

    And I’m sorry but you have one more time failed for the third quartil, I’ll explain you : you know that 10/4, it’s 2.5 so the first quartil is the number in the list which is the middle of the seconde and the third : 337, it’s correct, the second quartil is 5, it’s the average, so the third quartil is 5+2.5=7.5. It’s the number between the seventh and the eighth : (445+446)/2=445.5 !!!

  5. ophele_p says

    The rest of your results is correct, very good !

  6. Kévin says

    Escuse me it’s not “dinish”but finsh, escuse me ! lol ^^

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