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Physic Exercice

Martin Dupont walked on the moon forty years ago. At 1969, his mass was 90 kilos with his moon suit. Until, he took 26 kilos. Knowing that heavyness intensity on Earth is 9,81 Newtons and that it is 6 times more than Moon, calculate the weight of Martin Dupont on the moon in 2009. At the end of his trip on the moon, Martin Dupont return on Earth. He is happy to breath the breeze once again! What is the composition of the breeze? How many protons and electrons are there in each element ? What are the differents coats of an atom ? How many protons and electrons are there on the last electronic coat of each element ?

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  1. Elomi says

    I’m not sure i understand the exercise, but his weight is 126 on earth, so 126/6 = 61 kilos.

    The composition og the breeze is :
    78 % Nitrogen
    20,9 % oxygen
    0,9 % argon
    and some more… look at the internet…

  2. priotona says

    Sorry, but I will correct the exercice only when it will be completed entirely.
    And “look at the Internet…” is not the answer of the second exercice so…
    We give you a last chance. You can do again the exercice.
    For the second exercice, you must to have the periodical picture of elements in front of you.
    Good Luck! (Again)
    Suggestion: Do again the TWO exercices.

  3. Elomi says

    ya, I know the stof about having the periodical piture of the elements, but in our school we have divided chemistry and physics into two sujects, and we thought that we only did physics. And I didn’t have book for chemistry with me on the day we did the stuff.

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