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Math exercise 2

Hello ! It's the second exercise of maths :

Thibault breed Merin, a young fighter dragon. He want him to have an armour and gave all of his measures to the armourer. But, some of them was erased.

Here is what stay :

Total length : 15m

Length of the head : 3m

Length of a leg : 1,5m

Waistline : 6,28m

Surface of the body : 31,4m²

Surface of the tail : 23,4m²

Breadth of the body :

Length of the body :

Surface of a rectangle : 1,5m²

Breadth of a rectangle of wing :

Length of a wing :

Breadth of a wing :

Surface of a wing :

Wingspan :

Each wing is composed by 3 equals rectangles. The body and the tail are cylinders.


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