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Re exercise of geometry

Hello guys, it's a new version of the exercise of geometry. 
We hope that it will be more clear. 
If you need some helps, make a comments.

Take a lead pencil and draw the figure described below :

-Firstly draw an equilateral triangle ABC, 
the sides have a length of 10cm.

-Draw the height of [AB]. 
Extend the height, it must be a line. 
The instersection of the height and [AB)is H. 
The height is also called (HC).

-Then do all the bisectors of the triangle.

-Draw a circle which has as 
center the intersection of the bisectors. 
The circle is called F, with a radius of 2cm.

-After, draw another circle, F', 
with C as center and for radius [HC].

-F' cut (HC) to the point N. 

-Now draw a new circle F'' 
with the same diameter that F and with N as center.

-Finally you must erase the bisectors and F'.

You have finish. 


Question bonus : Now try to find what this figure represent. 
An indication, we are 37 hours in.

Good luck!=D

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