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Enigma A A shell is fixed on the hull of a boat, with 3 meters above level of water. Water goes up 2 centimetres per hour. In how long will water touch the shell? Enigma B An Earthworm of 50 G, a millepatte of 30 G and a grasshopper of 20 G want to pass a river. At their disposal, a sheet of tree which can carry to the maximum only 60 G. How will they reach that point? Enigma C A water lily is in a lake. Every day it doubles of size. After 15 days, it makes half of the lake. How long will it put to entirely cover the lake? Enigma D Let us suppose that we have you and me as much money. How much do I have to give you so that you have 10F moreover than me? Enigma E A bookseller buys a book of maths (=D) 70F, sells it 80F, ransoms it 90F, resells it 100F. Which was its benefit?

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