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“Worms” answer

question 1 :

(17 x 33) / 100 = 5.61 5.61 x 7 +17 = 56.27 After 7 weeks there are nearly 56 worms.

Question 2 :

999 = 5.61x+ 17 999 - 17 = 5.61x x = 982 / 5.61 x = 175.04 There will be 999 worms after 175 weeks.

Question 3 :

9 x 6 x 6 = 324 After 1 day, birds eat 324 worms. 3 x 324 = 972 If they begin eating at sunday, wednesday they should have eaten 972 worms.

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answer two

  • There is +1 for the years and approximatly +17 for the people.

- The best equation is 17x+y.

- There will be 5670 people in Denmark in 2020.

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Re exercise of geometry

Hello guys, it's a new version of the exercise of geometry. 
We hope that it will be more clear. 
If you need some helps, make a comments.

Take a lead pencil and draw the figure described below :

-Firstly draw an equilateral triangle ABC, 
the sides have a length of 10cm.

-Draw the height of [AB]. 
Extend the height, it must be a line. 
The instersection of the height and [AB)is H. 
The height is also called (HC).

-Then do all the bisectors of the triangle.

-Draw a circle which has as 
center the intersection of the bisectors. 
The circle is called F, with a radius of 2cm.

-After, draw another circle, F', 
with C as center and for radius [HC].

-F' cut (HC) to the point N. 

-Now draw a new circle F'' 
with the same diameter that F and with N as center.

-Finally you must erase the bisectors and F'.

You have finish. 


Question bonus : Now try to find what this figure represent. 
An indication, we are 37 hours in.

Good luck!=D

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answer exercise math

Calculate X : tan 25° = x/1000

x = tan25° * 1000

x = 466 meters

Calculate Y : tan 55° = Y/1000

y = tan55°*1000

y = 1428 meters

Calculate Z = 1428-466

z = 962 meters

The plane traveled 962 meters in 20s.

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Linear Functions

Hello this is the exercice of math about linears functions

1)Witch is the function G(x)



  1. find with the calculus if C[-3;-5] is in g(x)

  2. Dress the variation's table of f(x) and g(x)

4)If x=2 find f(x) with f(x)=x3-2x²+4

5)is h a linear function  h(2)=4 and h(3)=6 Find the expression of h:

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You are a chairman of a gas and water company. 1) For your products, you have to find lewis' representation of the water and te butanol (it's a gas) ? 2) You have 1kg of water and 2kg of butanol. How mol of water and buanol have you got 3) You have find he bilan equation of a concurent company but the equation in not complete. Complete this equation : C3H8+.......O2->.........CO2+......H2O

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Chemistry exercise

A man had stolen the recipe of a magic potion. He can read : In a flask of 250 ml, put 6*10-2 mol of sodium hydroxide. Then add 7 mol of water and 1,6*10-2 mol of glucose powder and finally three drops of methylene blue. Obstruct the flask and shake the solution. Transform the recipe with adapts units

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Math exercise 2

ABCD is a rectangle trapeze with AB=6; CD=2 and AD=4. M is a point on [AD] and AM=x. AMNP is a rectangleas N is a point on [BC] and H is the orthogonal projection of C on (AB). 1) Give the interval that belong to x. 2) Prove that the triangle CHB is isocele rectangle in H. Prove that PB = x.

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An exercise of geometry

Welcome in France !

Make an isoscele triangle ABC in A.

AB = 8 cm and BC = 6 cm --> The base is down.

Find the midpoint N of the base.

Make a semi-circle whose the centre is N. The radius of the semi-circle is 2 cm.

Be careful : the semi-circle is inside of the isoscele triangle.

The two intersections of the semi-circle with the base are called O and P.

Draw the mediator of ABC.

Draw a perpendeicular line (d) to [AN]. The length between A and this line is 4,5 cm.

Draw an another perpendicular (f) line to [AN] but this time, the length between A and this line is 3 cm.

The intersections of (f) and [AB] and [AC] are called R and S.

The intersections of (d) and [AB] and [AC] are called T and U.

The intersection of (f) and [AN] is called K.

The intersection of (d) and [AN] is called J.

Make a circle C whose the centre is J with a radius of 1,3 cm

Make a circle C' whose the centre is K with a radius of 1 cm

The intersections of C and (d) are called W and X

The intersections of C' and (f) are called Z and Y.

Draw the lines segments [YW] and [ZX]. You must have the trapezium WXYZ.

Erase the line segment [OP].

Erase the line segment [TW].

Erase the line segment [XU].

Erase the line segment [RZ].

Erase the line segment [SY].

Erase the circles C and C'.

Now you must guess which famous and French monument is it ?

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Math exercise 2

Hello ! It's the second exercise of maths :

Thibault breed Merin, a young fighter dragon. He want him to have an armour and gave all of his measures to the armourer. But, some of them was erased.

Here is what stay :

Total length : 15m

Length of the head : 3m

Length of a leg : 1,5m

Waistline : 6,28m

Surface of the body : 31,4m²

Surface of the tail : 23,4m²

Breadth of the body :

Length of the body :

Surface of a rectangle : 1,5m²

Breadth of a rectangle of wing :

Length of a wing :

Breadth of a wing :

Surface of a wing :

Wingspan :

Each wing is composed by 3 equals rectangles. The body and the tail are cylinders.


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