I robot article

The scene takes place in office building, in New-York or an American city in the future. There are two policemen, they are angry. There are speaking about a robot named Sonny. He might have comited Dr Lanning’s crime or he’s guilty of something. Spooner, a detective, thinks Dr Laning taught Sonny human emotions and he became mean. So he killed the doctor. Spooner says robots are not human.



In the scene of interrogation one the one hand we think the robot might not have killed Dr Lanning because the robot says he doesn’t know why the doctor wanted to die. On the other hand we think the robot might have helped the doctor because he says “Did I do something? ” so maybe the robot has killed the doctor because the doctor wanted to  die.



In this scene the author suggests the robot can be a killer, Sonny killded Dr Lanning. We agree this theory because we can lose control of the robot, and it may actions that we do not want for example kill people. As Spooner we think the robot should not be considered as human.