Article about I robot

The scene takes place in the future. In a police station, one policeman, named Spooner wants to interrogate a robot, named Sonny. His superior doesn’t want to let him do that but finally he gives Spooner five minutes to question the robot. Spooner thinks the robot murdered doctor Lanning, his designer.

During the interrogation the robot have humans reactions and Spooner wants the robot to know he’s not a human. After a little time Sonny reacts like a human, he shows anger and he hits the table with his fists.
At that moment the robot tells everything he knows about the crime.
He says, he loves his designer and he can’t have killed him.
In this scene, we can think the robot is guilty or involved in the death of Doctor.

The author suggests robots can feel emotions and be like real humans and not simply machines.
In our opinion the idea of intelligent robots is not a good idea because robots wouldn’t serve humans and maybe can rebel.