I-Robot – Robots in movies

In the beginning of « I robot » we can see two police men talking about maybe a robot called Sonny was killed his owner, one of the two men wanted to talk with the robot so he asked the other man about it. The boss does not agree with him, After a long talking, the man entered the interrogation room, when he is entering he winked an eye. So when the robot first seen him,the first word that he said is « what does it mean: to wink ? » so the man answered that is a sign of trust, it’s a human thing, you doesn’t understand. The robot says « My father tried to teach me the feelings .» so the man thinks of the designer of the robot who is the scientist and was killed by someone. So after that the conversation between the man and the robot changed to the death of scientist. The man wanted to know why the robot hides when it know the doctor was killed, because he thinks that the robot does not have feelings.

We can think the robot is a bad robot and he had killed the doctor.


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