Article about Star wars

The Star Wars world is inspired by lots of cinematographic work (serials,westerns,Japanese cinema) and also by litterature work( books of Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov and J.R.R Tolkien).

Star Wars takes place in the future in a faraway galaxy. It’s the story of the Skywalker family (Anakin Skywalker in episodes 1,2,3 and Luke Skywalker in episodes 4,5,6).There are two sides of the Jedi Force (the « good » side of the Force) and Siths (the dark side of the Foorce).Anakin Skywalker a little boy of Tatooine planet will become a jedi, the « chosen » : he had to restore the balance in the Force. He became a Jedi but Palpatine, emperor of Siths will change Anakin’s opinion and he will become a Sith. His son Luke Skywalker will become a Jedi and will fight the galactic empire …

Robots in Star Wars

Robots have a very important place in Star Wars. The most important ones are C3PO and R2-D2. C3PO is a protocol robot.

R2-D2, is a kind of robot which is in the movie Star Wars to play as a robot character. Usually it’s called R2 because it’s more easy to speak like that. R2-D2 is one of the roles which appeared in all the Star Wars movies,

This is a kind of robot which is used to translate the language for its owner and looks like a human.It is 167cm tall and always supports its owner.

it has a Protective shell which has no colour., it is very strong and is very eager to destroy other things. Also it can be dangerous.