Liars from Isaac Asimov

1. Herbie can read and he is a matematical genious.

2 . Herbies lies to everyone because he was created not do hurt human.

3. The robot just wants to answer what they want to hear.

4. Susan Calvin destroyed Herbie because he’s a liar. She accused him of lying.

Alfred Lanning, Peter Bogert, Milton Ashe are mathematicians who have creted a robot called Herbie. This robot can read, he’s a methematical genius and he can’t hurt anybody. All the doctors think that Herbie has a problem. Everybody interrogated the robot to discover the problem.The problem of the robot is that he lies all the time, and to everybody. Susan Calvin makes him crazy bacause she asks him a problem which he is not able to aswer . Consequently, she destroys his brain.

Antoine and Natalia.