The Star Wars story :

Star Wars is the story of a guy who fights against the Empire.
A first trilogy which starts by the 4th movie and a prelogy 1, 2, 3, respectively, in 1999, 1999 and released in 2005.
Disney acquired Lucasfilm after formally enter the “era of fast food. Will begin from 2015, every summer to launch a Star Wars movie, Star Wars is expected in the eighth and ninth works will be released in 2017 and 2019, respectively. I

In Star Wars:
episode one: the phantom menace, Luke Skywalker Movie poster Father is a vigorous 9-year-old boy, called Anakin . He knew nothing about the future become dark dominate the fate of. In the early days, obi-wan Kenobi, is a strong character of the jedi, chief just Jinn is his mentor.In the play after a valiant struggle, then, Jinn and obi-wan again returned to naboo star, help against darth Moore”s invasion. Finally, gold slain by darth Moore, during an outbreak of obi-wan kenobi’s sword, das Moore also doomed. After the war, to achieve the wishes of the Jinn, obi-wan continue training Anakin.

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
The story took place in the Star Wars: episode: the phantom menace after 10 years, the Milky Way is in the midst of the chaos and turmoil. Naboo star former queen amidala was 20 million-plus, objected to this kind of violence against violence strategy, but not everyone agrees with amidala determination to maintain peace, and continuously someone plot to assassinate amidala. ù^mAt this point has been promoted to jedi master obi-wan sent his apprentice, anakin skywalker, responsible for the security of the amidala. At the same time, in order to investigate the root cause of interstellar conflict, obi-wan risked their lives to go deep into the distant undersea world, he found that the region has been secretly developing, countless human cloning experiment is implemented, it may even affect the future destiny of the galactic republic, the Star Wars is ready to start.

Star Wars 3:
REVENGE OF THE SITH Star Wars series in the darkest and most heavy, battle scenes and cruel .Over the capital, are on a space war. Republic of victory, union general of bringing and count dooku hijacked speaker of the parliament parr court hostage, is preparing to escape from republic Obi-wan and anakin were driving the aircraft of the republic to rescue the speaker, on the way to intercept by the union army machine. In the end, the two men landed on the trade union of the spacecraft, and bringing the general machine army launched a major war.In the kidnapping incident happened, the two were seen parr palmer court sitting in a chair, both hands are tied. Was about to save the speaker, the two suddenly discovered that count dooku came in.During the battle, he has his court ordered anakin killed count dooku, but rivers ran away. Later, obi-wan led clone army offensive of bringing together. Obi-wan at critical moments in the original force win laser gun, killed the general. Because of the general is the Milky Way of bringing machine head of the confederacy, he dieth, all machines bianconeri paralyzed. Three years of “the clone wars” finally over! But because of a lot of things, in space, the death star has already started to build.

Star Wars 4 :
New hope Republic after death, the evil galactic empire took control of the galaxy, the Milky Way empire the galaxy residents suffering from tyranny, the rebels are still constantly fight, princess leia get intelligence to steal information secret weapon, the death star center structure of empire. Won the death star plans of princess leia in dark Wu Shida, darth vader chased the captured, but she has the data input computer r2-d2 robots, robot r2-d2 and C – 3 Po fled to a distant planet tatooine, the young people of the planet for help information in Luke found r2-d2, Luke found in the battle against the empire survived the jedi obi-wan, obi-wan asked Luke to go with him to save the princess, they a line with the help of han solo, rescued princess. On the imperial death star battle space station, years later, obi-wan and its “the disciple” darth vader battle again. In order to let Luke a line with the princess escape, dedicating to obi-wan’s sense of honor, voluntary to die in the black knight sword. To witness the tragedy of Luke wasn’t aware of that, the black knight is his biological father. Got the death star plans, the rebels against weakness destroyed it, success won the phases.

Star Wars 5:
The empire strikes back Although death star was destroyed, but the empire’s influence is still everywhere. In order to search for traces of the rebels, the empire to throughout the galaxy to send thousands of detectors, one of them falls to the secret base hough star. Luke in a patrol when the accident. Coma, kenobi soul, gave him to reach planet goba find enlightenment of jedi master yoda. Fate destined to let the two battlefield relative – Luke lost in battle with the black knight, black knight darth vader side and Luke fighting, lured him to the dark forces. Luke has always refused to bow to the force of the dark. Losing patience with the black knight launched a fierce attack to Luke. Struggled to resist Luke lost his grip on the sword, the black knight told him he was his father, urging him to join the dark side of the force. Luke cried a loud “no”, dive into a bottomless pit. Luke was finally rescued the princess, he anticipate a struggle was coming Star Wars

6:Return of the Jedi