The robot

Our robot is called ARM_robot . We have chosen this name because the three servomotors look like an arm.

We have added two NXT boxes because one box can have only 3 servomotors while we needed 5 servomotors. 3 servomotors are connected to the arm box and two motors to the chassis box.

Our group selected caterpillar tracks for the look. A color sensor is positioned ahead, it scans the colors of the brick.

The NXT chassis box is controlled with Bluetooth connection from a phone.


The arm is controlled with the NXT program.

Star Wars – Robots in movies

      Star wars is a movie produced by George Lucas. It’s about a jedi (a knight with a laser sword) who was called Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is a slave on Tatooin but Obiwan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jin saved him when he was still a child.

     In the first movie Qui-Gon Jin died, killed by Dark Maul, a sith (the opposite of a jedi). In the third movies Anakin becam Dart Vader (“Dark Vador” in french) and Dark Sidious (alias Palpatine) became his master. Anakin’ son, Luke Skywalker born in the fourth movie. Anakin has to kill his father : Dart Vader.

In the all movies, the jedi and the sith use a lot of robot, for exemple:

Droid of protocol :

 -C-3PO : the most popular of the droid of protocol. He is a specialize in translation. he is made by Anakin in the first movie.


-TC-14 : is a droid of protocol too. She receive the jedi on the flagship droid in the first movie.



Astromech droid :

 -R2-D2 : is the most popular droid in star wars. He is created to fix the ships. It belongs to Padmé Amidala in the first movie, to Anakin Skywalker in the episode 2 and 3, to Luke Skywalker in the episode 4 to 6.



Battle droid :

 -there are three kind of battle droid, a battle droid, a ultra battle droid and a droideka.

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the project

  1. introduction :
    the robot can sort out some lego brics of different colors. it can put in different box.
  2. materials :
    sensors : -color sensor
    -touch sensor
    actuator : 5 servo motors
  3. manufacturing :
    Our robot is made in two parts.-The robot arm could pick up the lego bricks, the arm will be equipped with a color sensor to scan the colors of the bric. If the robot detects a blue color it pinchs the brick with motor 3. If the robot detects another color other than blue it doesn’t pinch the brick. After the second motor makes  the arm revolve 180°. Then the robot drops the brick in the boxes.The frame is supporting all the robot and the NXT box. Under the frame there are two motorised wheels and another one that allows the robot to turn on right or left. That is why we need two NXT boxes because there are not enough input on one box for all the sensors and motors to command them