This project has allowed us to learn a lot of things which will be very useful in our studies. We are really interested in robots so we all liked this project.

Of course we have improved our English too and learnt some vocabulary in this topic that we’ll can often use.

We really enjoyed ourselves in this project and we hope to begin another one as interesting as this one.



Today, we started to build the robot. The arm is almost ready but we’re still working on it and especially on the robot’s lower part.


The first lesson, we began to write down our ideas for the robot. We thought about a robot with an articulated arm that can pick up briks and put them down in a box according to the colors.


I-Robot – Robots in movies

This is a short extract from the film I-Robot.The story took place in a building full of Technology; it looked like a police station in the future.We could see two men walking at the same time discussing,it was a police officer called Spooner and his boss.They were trying hard to find out the one who killed Dr.Lanning.Sponner. Spooner believed he was killed by a robot, but his boss thought that was impossible.They argued a lot,finally Spooner won 5 minutes to Interrogate the robot.

Spooner began to question the robot. Before entering the room he gave a wink to his boss.He gave some documents with photos to the robot.The robot touched the photo of Dr.Lanning shortly and asked what was the meaning of Spooner’s sign. Spooner answered it was a sign of trust, a human thing. He thought the robot wouldn’t understand.The robot told him Dr.Lanning has taught himself the human’s motions, to him they were difficult. Spooner corrected the robot,he thought that the robot should called Dr.Lanning ‘my designer’ but not ‘my father’,and he asked for the reason why Spooner murdered Dr.Lanning. The robot denied murdering him so Spooner asked for an explanation of the crime.The robot said he was frightened but Spooner thought robots don’t have any emotions.

The robot said he has emotions even dreams,Spooner wanted to argue with him but he failed.Then Spooner guessed the robot killed Doc.Lanning after he had taught him the human things the robot lost control.The robot tried to deny but Sponner didn’t trust him so he got very angry and punched the table.Spooner told him this emotions was called anger and asked if he had got the emotions similar before.The robot seemed to be a little afraid and sad and he said his name was Sonny.Spooner asked why Sonny killed Doc.Lanning again,Sonny replied Doc.Lanning’s death was caused by himself, and even him didn’t know why.He remembered something,he asked himself if he was wrong to help Doc.Lanning.And he also asked Sponner what he would do when someone who he loved asked him for a favour.Spooner didn’t answer him because the time was over, then his boss came in with the others.

Liar – Robots in litterature

Isaac Asimov is an american author who was born in 1920 and died in 1992. He was really fond of science fiction and he wrote a lot of popular science books. The best known of his books is certainly I-Robot because this book inspired it inspired the famous movie I-Robot made by Alex Proyas in 2004.
In the fifth chapter of I-Robot, there are four characters : Alfred Lanning, Peter Bogert, Milton Ashe and Susan Calvin. Lanning is the boss and the others are under his orders even if they don’t always like what is asking to them. All these characters are sientists in robotics and they are facing a problem that is very awkward : they have made a robot called RB-34 (or Herbie) who can read in human minds, but they don’t know how is it possible and which program they have put in the robot’s brain to allow it to read in minds. Then Lanning asks to Bogert and Ashe to check every program and every thing they have done during the robot’s production that can be the key to solve the problem. Of course, they didn’t want to talk to anyone else about the problem because it could be revolutionary and even very dangerous.
At the end of the chapter, Bogert and Lanning were arguing because the robot had told to Bogert something that Lanning didn’t want to know because it would have mean that the robot were smarter than the scientist. But Lanning weren’t present while the robot told it to Bogert. Here’s the thing : the robot can’t tell something to someone if it might hurt someone around. So when Bogert wanted the robot to repeat waht it said in front of Lanning, the robot didn’t say anything. Then, the doctor Calvin began to ask the robot to guess and say the things that could have hurt one of the two scientists but each time she asked it, the robot didn’t want to say anything, so eventually the robot became totaly crazy and fell on the floor, touching it with its face, and it died.


Today we have almost finished the NXT robot and the article about the “robots in movies”. The robot is ready to be programmed and the article has been put on the blog.