Today it was the last session. We finished the blog ( the conclusion) and we inserted photos.

During this class we finished all the articles for the blog. Lucas finished the article on Star Wars, the diary and the presentation of our group and of our NXT project. Nathan wrote the article about Chapter 5 of I robot novel by Issac Asimov.

We tried to program the robot but the program did not work. So we dismantled the robot to see what was the problem,. We found the problem: the construction of the robot was not good.So we had to rebuild the robot.

Yiyue continued the article about robots of star wars.

Today Yiyue and Lucas continue the robot. They finish the legs and they fix the NXT brick on the legs.

Nathan an Mathieu finish the article on I robot and they start the article on Star Wars.


IMG_20131210_154654 IMG_20131210_154659


Today we start to build the robot. We make one leg. Nathan starts the article on I robot.