7th January

On the 7th January, we made the header of the blog.


We have also finished the articles and we did soe more tests of our robot.



17 December

On the 17 December, we was trying the robot in a Labyrinth to test the Program. After some fails, Camille have corrected the bugs.

IMG_20131217_151659 IMG_20131217_151655




10th December

At the 10th December, we have finished the robot, and we have started the programming.

While Matthieu was writing the program, Camille, Aymeric, Xangru and Linyan started to write articles for the blog, like the Presentation, or the NXT Project.

Here is a screenshot of the NXT Programming softawre named LEGO MINDTORMS.


Here is Matthieu who writes the program.

-Matthieu B.


3rd December

At the first lesson of the NXT Project, we chose the robot that we had to do and we began to build it. In his program the robot had just to move and don’t hit obstacles around himself. It is named « Explorer » because it explores the world.

Here is the model we take to build our robot.


Here is Matthieu who starts to built the Robot.