Racmlx Litterature

It deals with people. Alfred Leaning, Peter Bogert, Milton Ashe and Susan Calvin are sitting around a table talking about a robot named 34RB who is mind ready.

The robot told Susan that Milton loved her, and after something happened to them. So Lanning felt hurt because the robot lied to him. Actually, he lied to everybody.

We don’t like this story because we think it’s very boring; and took great lengths to describe the scene of debate. And the characters spend a lot of time discussing the line about what to make with the Robot Herbie.

Moreover when the robot said “He loves you” to Dr.Calvin for a minute Dr Calvin did not speak. She replied “You’re wrong”, “But I never thought that” the psychologist stopped. suddenly, she looked up. A girl visted him here; “She was pretty blonde and slim; Who was she?”

We don’t know why they are talking about love. This is incomprehensible for us.

-Xiaoyi, Linyan