The robot

Our robot is called ARM_robot . We have chosen this name because the three servomotors look like an arm.

We have added two NXT boxes because one box can have only 3 servomotors while we needed 5 servomotors. 3 servomotors are connected to the arm box and two motors to the chassis box.

Our group selected caterpillar tracks for the look. A color sensor is positioned ahead, it scans the colors of the brick.

The NXT chassis box is controlled with Bluetooth connection from a phone.


The arm is controlled with the NXT program.

Code Explanation

some videos of our operating robot:



OUR CODE Explanation:


Here our robot is scanning the color.

If the scanned object is not black, then it scans the color a second time; otherwise the robot continues to scan the color under the color sensor.

After, if the color is white the robot picks up the brick; or else the robot continues to scan the color.

If the robot has picked up the brick he take it to the left.

It drops the brick and go back to the start position.