Today, we started to build the robot. The arm is almost ready but we’re still working on it and especially on the robot’s lower part.



As a conclusion, we have learnt a lot of vocabulary about robots and how to program them. In this MID, we have also learnt how to record a radio show.

We have liked to build the robot because it was very interesting. Writing a blog was a good experience because we had never made one before.

Marine and Zhangru

The first lesson, we began to write down our ideas for the robot. We thought about a robot with an articulated arm that can pick up briks and put them down in a box according to the colors.


Second Test Program

Here we have a second problem, the arm Robot takes the brick and after it should normally transports the brick to the left but it does not succeed.

The problem comes from of the gears after the A servomotor.



I-Robot – Robots in movies

This is a short extract from the film I-Robot.The story took place in a building full of Technology; it looked like a police station in the future.We could see two men walking at the same time discussing,it was a police officer called Spooner and his boss.They were trying hard to find out the one who killed Dr.Lanning.Sponner. Spooner believed he was killed by a robot, but his boss thought that was impossible.They argued a lot,finally Spooner won 5 minutes to Interrogate the robot.

Spooner began to question the robot. Before entering the room he gave a wink to his boss.He gave some documents with photos to the robot.The robot touched the photo of Dr.Lanning shortly and asked what was the meaning of Spooner’s sign. Spooner answered it was a sign of trust, a human thing. He thought the robot wouldn’t understand.The robot told him Dr.Lanning has taught himself the human’s motions, to him they were difficult. Spooner corrected the robot,he thought that the robot should called Dr.Lanning ‘my designer’ but not ‘my father’,and he asked for the reason why Spooner murdered Dr.Lanning. The robot denied murdering him so Spooner asked for an explanation of the crime.The robot said he was frightened but Spooner thought robots don’t have any emotions.

The robot said he has emotions even dreams,Spooner wanted to argue with him but he failed.Then Spooner guessed the robot killed Doc.Lanning after he had taught him the human things the robot lost control.The robot tried to deny but Sponner didn’t trust him so he got very angry and punched the table.Spooner told him this emotions was called anger and asked if he had got the emotions similar before.The robot seemed to be a little afraid and sad and he said his name was Sonny.Spooner asked why Sonny killed Doc.Lanning again,Sonny replied Doc.Lanning’s death was caused by himself, and even him didn’t know why.He remembered something,he asked himself if he was wrong to help Doc.Lanning.And he also asked Sponner what he would do when someone who he loved asked him for a favour.Spooner didn’t answer him because the time was over, then his boss came in with the others.

During these MID sessions, we learnt about  how to build and program an NXT robot. We also learnt a lot of things about origins and utility of robots in our world. Robots are very present in films, literature and in our real life.

Unfortunately our robot didn’t work. It was because we failed the construction of the robot


Our impression :

We like these MID sessions for the technical part of the work, build the NXT and program it. We also like the part about Literatures&Movies. Through this pfroject we progressed in english.

I, Robot.

I, robot is a science fiction movie directed by Alex Proyas in 2004. It is inspired of robota stories of Isaac Asimov.
In class, we watched a scene and we are going to present you it.
The fisrt pictures show us that the scene takes place in the future, we see lit buildings, little planes flying evrywhere etc … Then the scene starts in an office, two policemen are talking about interrogating a robot, they disagree, one want to do it but not the other one. The policemen played by famous Will Smith is sure that Sonny, the robot, is guilty of the murder of Doctor Lanning, finally he is allowed to interrogate him, but only for 5 minutes, then, he winked at the robot.
When Spooner is in the interrogting room, he looks strict but quite mocking / ironic with the robot, because he congratulates him. By throwing pictures of the crime on the table, he shows that he knows what he wants to know. But Sonny doesn’t respond,he only asks what the wink meant, Spooner is still mocking at him and say that ” It’s a sign of trust ” so he won’t understand, because he insisted about one thing : robots may not have feelings so they don’t have trust, they cant be frightened , they don’t get hungry,they don’t sleep … Sonny asserted that does, he even has dreams ! Spooner disagrees whit him, human beings have dreams, even dogs but not robots ” They are just machines, an imitation of life “, he is asking if robot can write a symphony, if they can turn a canvas into a masterpiece … Then the robot makes him short of words because even Spooner can’t do it.
He keeps questioning him because he is sure that he killed the Dr. Then Sonny gets angry because he doesn’t stop repeating that he did not murder him but, at the end he hesitates and asks ” Did I do something ? “. He remembers that the doctor wanted to die …

Our impressions :
First, Ambre and Candice, think that the extract of the movie is very interesting and it’s mysterious, whit a lot of suspense. Félix found that he extract was too imcomplete in compared to the rest of the film and Xinru didn’t understand this extract.

With this scene, we are prepared to spend good moments, with suspense, action … We will finally know what happened to the doctor and who that mysterious killer is.


Racmlx Conclusion

At the end of this MID Robotics, we’ve built a NXT robot who can avoid obstacles and goes through a labyrinth. We’ve written some articles on robots in literature and on robots in movies (I-robot and Star Wars). We’ve also recorded a radioshow and we’ve debated on the use of a humanoid robot in our houses.

Click here for listen the radioshow.

And click here for the video of our Robot