MID Robotics 2017-2018

Robots review

Welcome to this collaborative blog ! It’s topic is robots. We made two articles on video games we made (Vegan wars and Home sweet home), two articles on robots, one containing two text documents on programmation and, the most important, our radio emission “Robots review” and it’s text.

Names are forbidden, but the creator’s initials are WD, OL, AB and MS.

Webographie / Sources

This is an article with all sources we used to write this blog.

Radio emission :

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Radio emission + Text (Robots review)

Here’s the emission :

The emission’s text :


William : Good morning everyone and welcome back in our weekly robots review ! Today, we are welcoming Arthur…p

Arthur : Hello everyone !

William : Mathilde

Mathilde : Hi !

William : And Ornella !

Ornella : Hi everyone !

William : I love it ! So Mathilde and Ornella will be reviewing how performing, how incredible, how amazing, robots in medicine are nowadays, and in a second part. Then  Arthur, is going to introduce how boredom can lead people to invent and create useless robots. And I PROMISE, you guys won’t believe how useless they are. But I won’t spoil too much… So Ornella and Mathilde, what can you tell us about robots in medicine ?

Mathilde : Yes, here we are! Ornella and GregorY Maboul, a  french specialist of robots.


Ornella : Yes Mathilde ! I’m with mister Maboul beside the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics. Hi GregorY !

GregorY: Hi.

Ornella : Today, we are going to talk about a chinese promising new robot : Xiao-Yi. What is it GregorY ?

GregorY : Xiao-Yi is a medical robot. It’s name, in chinese, means “Little Doctor”. This robot passed a medical licensing exam and it scored 456 on 600 points. This robot learnt the content of more than one million of medical books, two million of medical records and four hundred thousand medical documents. Xiao-Yi finished the exam in sixty minutes while students need an average of ten hours to pass the same exam.

Ornella : That’s incredible!

GregorY : Yes it is ! Xiao-Yi was built in two thousand and seventeen and created by Tao Xiaodong and his team. Xiao-Yi will be nationally used  from March 2018. It will be used in clinics as well as for medical training. This is a great technological advance, it can without doubt save lives!

Ornella : Thank you GregorY. .


William : Thank you. Now, I will let Arthur telling you more about the most useless robots ever created. Now we are going to start off with a little genius, known through the internet, his name is William Osman, Arthur, what is to say about him ?

Arthur :  as you just said, William Osman is a little genius, but maybe not in the “smart” way you could imagine at first sight ! Indeed, he is more on the “useless” side of robotics … With only the help of his building skills and a laser cutting saw, he built a lot of, very funny, but very useless robots …

William : Can you give us examples of what he invented ?

Arthur : Yes, for instance, he made what he calls “the safest robot ever”.  He invented it during a “battlebots” convention. In this convention, every participant comes and builds his own fighting robot. What william noticed was that almost nobody over there was wearing safety glasses or protection equipment. Therefore, he built a radio controlled rolling robot, who throws a bunch of safety glasses at people.

William : That’s very funny, but how did he make it ?

Arthur : He made it using a programmable card which is comparable to an arduino, some electric screwdrivers, a servo motor and angle grinder disks. He also used stuffs you could easily find in a trashcan like little wheels, a wooden square chassis, some bended metal tubes, or an old fruit crate. You can absolutely say he built this from total scratch ! The goal was more to make people laugh than to remind them to protect themselves, indeed, the robot was sometimes not working and when it was, william osman asked the chosen people to give the glasses back … That’s because he couldn’t afford more glasses. You can find the video of his work on the internet.

William : Well, thank you Arthur ! And thanks to Mathilde and Ornella, thanks to everyone who participated at this emission, and to conclude our weekly robots review, good bye everyone and see ya next week !


Robots and us (William & Arthur)

Where and how are robots used?

Robots are used in multiple environments, like your house.

Have you ever used robots? Explain when, why and how

For example : your washer is nothing else than a robot, which is why me and william already used a robot because we sometimes do the laundry, because our clothes need to be washed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of robots?

A robot makes our lives easier and more confortable, by warming up our home, cleaning it, for example and making stuff we dislike to do. Nevertheless, it consumes energy and can be a problem if we become dependent of it, and it stops working.

Part 2 :

Here’s a video presenting a robot :

– Why was this specific robot built? What need did it answer? Who created / thought about it?

This robot was created for pure fun. William Ozmann (its creator) noticed that wearing glasses through rain was quite unpleasant due to the fact that water drops stacks on the glass, so he created a robot detecting when these drops cover the glass, and when this occurs, it activates wipers on both sides which wipes the drops. The video was published in February 2018. It could be a bit useful… But they are really ugly, I wouldn’t wear them daily.

Part 3 :

Everyone says it, robots will be very important in the future, so I suppose it is true. Robots could overcome humans if we are not careful enough. I think robots can be very useful and helpful, and I can understand people who are scared of the rise of these robots, but I don’t think that they could really overcome and/or kill us all if we don’t give them the possibility.

Medical robots (Ornella and Mathilde) corrigé

Robots are used in army, medicine and also in the kitchen. In army, robots are used to create weapons. In the kitchen, robots are used to help people cooking. For us, robots are a good idea but it’s a little creepy.

The first medical robot was the Arthrobot. It was created to assist surgeons for orthopedic operations.

One of the promising new robots is the Xiao-Yi robot (Xiao-Yi means “little doctor” in chinese.). Xiao-Yi is a chinese robot who passed a medical licensing exam and he scored 456 on 600 points. This robot learnt more than one million of medical books, two million of medical records and four hundred thousand medical documents. Xiao-Yi finished the exam in sixty minutes while students need ten hours to pass the same exam.

Video Game : Home sweet home

The game’s name is “Home Sweet Home” and it’s a maze.

Click here to play !

The character is called Cham and he’s the father of a large family of marshmallow. But he lost his path and he wants to go home. You have to help him to find the key of his home before he goes back.

The game is set up in two parts. The first part is composed of a labyrinth and your role is to guide Cham to the key of his house. The second part is a maze too and you have to guide Cham to his home to see his family.

We created this game with Scratch and it is made of many programs.  One of them is there to guide Cham in the labyrinth.

The biggest problem we encountered was creating a health point system. As we did not succeed, we abandoned this aspect of the project and we focused on the difficulty of the different levels of the game.

To play, click here :

Vegan wars

Vegan wars

Click here to try the game !

The goal : You’re a lonely pepper in the space and your mission is to fight for the expansion of veganism in the world ! To do this, you must blast the evil meat that will appear in front of you … Pay attention not to get hurt by these foes more than three times, otherwise the game will be over. Good luck ! (Tip : If you manage to survive long enough, get ready for a surprise…)

How to play : You can control the pepper by using the < (left) and > (right) arrow keys on your keyboard. In order to shoot, use the space bar or the up arrow key.

Behind the scenes :

To introduce our program’s script, we’ll use the boss’ script that appears once you eliminated 19 foes. Every time you click / catch on one of these, the program adds 1 to the variable called “score”. Once this variable reaches 19 (it means that you busted 19 meats), a message called “Summon the boss” is broadcast, meaning that all the blocks stacked with the “When I receive [Summon the boss]” message will execute. Here, there’s a bunch of blocks that execute when this message is broadcast : The popping rate of the meats is set to 2.2, their speed is set to 5, the boss points in direction -90 (downwards), goes to [0 ; 100], its size is set to 0% (very small) and a whirl effect is applied to 400. Then the program repeats 40 times to change the whirl effect by -10 and  increase the size by 2. It creates a nice appearing animation when the boss is showed on the screen. The other variables that are set to 1 are just there in order to make sure that the meats aren’t showing up while the boss is summoning.


When the boss has finished to summon, the variable “boss lives” are set to 10 and the variable “summoning the boss” is set to 0, to indicate the boss finished it’s summoning animation, whenever it touches the ball shot by the player, the boss lives is changed by -1, and it’s size is reduced by -5%. Then it hides whenever lives fall to 0, or that the player lives fall to 0, it either shows the winning screen or the losing screen. To finish, until the boss lives fall to 0, it moves from left to right, and when the boss lives reaches 0, the player wins.