Hello there !

March 28, 2018

Hello, here’s group 7 and we are working on Hilbert’s theorem. Now you may wonder what it is ? Whether you do or not, I’m going to tell you anyway. David Hilbert awas a very organised, so at the second international congres of mathematics he came and ask his 23 questions about mathematics. The one we are going to focus on is the second and it’s “Are the axiom of mathematics are consistent?”. Can we explain all the theorem with a single bunch of axiom ? that’s where the Hilbert’s theorem take place, he tried to remplace all the names like lines or curves by another name like chair or bench and see if it’s still make sense.


Proof by induction

March 28, 2018

Hello !

We are going to work on ”Proof by induction”.

Don’t choose the same topic please 🙂

Thank you

Group 3

FD 2018 – Project Guidelines

March 18, 2018

Dear all, the attached document gives you the guidelines for the project.

In short :

1- Find and agree on an interesting topic about proofs (in maths mostly but in general as well),

–> Link for groups composition and topic selection –> https://lc.cx/d8hP .

2- Make an experience out of it, to be shared with everyone taking part in the project : it can be a video, a play, a presentation, a poster… or a 3D video game ! ^^… but in any case, it has to involve the audience and be interactive !

3- Enjoy meeting and collaborating with new people from a different country !

We hope this project will bring you the best, both regarding maths knowledge and self-confidence in English.

The FD 2018 team.

FD 2018 Proof you Said workplan_V03

Hello, it’s we.

March 14, 2018

We are a group of 4 mates who are glad to welcome you on this blog, dedicated to our discussion for the FD math project. Even though we don’t know much about what’s going to happen , we really look forward to meet you by the end of the week. Weather here is pretty nice, rainy, windy, 3°C , season’s average…..

If you want to talk more personally with us here are our Facebook profiles :

  • Ethel Simon
  • Chloe Bonnet
  • Manon Fournier
  • Jules Prh



Project Groups

February 22, 2018

Lost ? Here you will find the compositions of groups for the FD 2018 project :


For group working and sharing, please post in your group category :).

Welcome everyone !

February 22, 2018

Welcome to FD 2018 project ! The now 6-year old scientific collaboration between Naestved and Poitiers is now ready for a new round !

You are all very welcome to get in touch with eachother, either within the “Home” category or in your own group category. The groups list will be soon shared on this blog along with the project sheet.

May you enjoy collaborating, learning a bit of maths and english and getting new friends from abroad !

For the FD 2018 project team,