Job opportunities and work experience.

During this Comenius project, students worked on job opportunities in their countries and in Europe.

This subject is also tackled in other sections like “Industry” or “Factory & Labs visits”.

In this section we present more students articles on employment’s opportunities  as well as some internships reports of Italian students.

Job Opportunities in the EU by Amy & Maria Pia (Malta)

Job Opportunities within the Europe by Marika (Malta)

Jobs in the EU by Clare (Malta)

Presentation of jobs in the EU by Therese & Stephanie (Malta)

Job opportunities in Italy by Italian students

Conference on future job opportunities: I love IT at ITIS Pininfarina

Internships reports: some experiences of Italian students

Internships reports and presentation at ITIS Pininfarina with experts (Italy)

A group of French students worked on a video games project. The project’s name is ACF’eed. One of the subjects that students have explored during this project and presented in their website was (click on the link to their website):

Job opportunities in creation, edition and release of video games.

Science, research and development and job opportunities by Nathan (France)

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Some examples of the most sought-after workers in France by Chris (France)

Jobs in the Space Conquest Industry by Lucas (France)

How to become an Architect by Manon (France)

How to become a pilot by Pierre (France)

Dental surgery and job opportunities by Tatyana (France)

How to become an engineer in aeronautics by Jimmy (France)

 Industrial Data Profession by Ismaël (France)