NXT robotics projects

We present here some more French students robotics projects.

Students use NXT Mindstroms kits to build and programme their robots.

Avoiding obstacles robot with an ultrasonic sensor:

the code in NXT-G programming language (click on the picture to zoom it):eve2d2_programAvoiding edges robot with two ultrasonic sensors:

Avoiding white line robot with one colour sensor:

MID 2014-15

During the first part of the interdisciplinary science of engineering in English project on robotics, 2F form students at LP2I (France) worked on research in robotics.
They wrote some articles and recorded some radio shows with Spanish partners during our meeting in France in November 2014.

The outcome of the second part of the project was a slide show presentation.
Students were split in small groups and worked on four main topics:
1 Robots in movies : students had to analyse scenes of I, Robot, adapted from Isaac Asimov’s stories and had to focus on the main robot characters of three famous movies, namely Sonny, from I, Robot, Tinman from The Wizard of Oz, Data from Star Trek Next Generation. They were also free to study a robot of their choice. They had to research each character, analyse their personality and describe the differences and similarities between the four of them.
2 Robots in literature : after having chosen to read between Evidence and Liar, two of Isaac Asimov’s short stories , students had to write a critique of the chosen story.
3 Designing a robot : students had to imagine and draw a robot, then they had to explain what it does, how it works, why it is indispensable to mankind, so they had to use technical vocabulary they had seen in Science of Engineering specifically.
4 Building and programming Mindstrom NXT robots: students had to program a robot so that it would avoid obstacles and show it to the class.
During oral presentations (watch the videos below) students used their slide shows to present the work done on the four subjects.

MID project 2013-14

Some students achievements of the Science of Engineering – English Interdisciplinary Project  at LP2I (France) during the first semester of 2013-2014:

 History of robots on the French school’s radio   (November 2013)

        Listen to French students of 2B class RADIO SHOWS

 You can descover French students robotics NXT projects of the 2013-14 school year as well as some articles about robots in movies (IRobot) and literature (Star Wars)  in this blog:                    BLOG     

an example of operating robot: