Our lycée is quite an unusual high school. Its entire name is « Lycée Pilote Innovant International », Innovant is a sign of innovation, for example, in 10th grade, we didn’t have any grades, but we had skill evaluations, which were represented by spots of different colours. For example: Red, pink, light green, and flashy green. This year, we’re going to have tablets instead of our books. It is really important as the LP2I has internet support, called « ENT » and is the only place where we can see our homework, grades, and several other things.Every Thursday afternoon,, instead of normal classes, we alternate between « Acf » and « B.A.S ».
An ACF is a project, which is made by many students (From 12 to 15) and which leads to a final project. We have a teacher that supervises us regularly, but he/she doesn’t help us in our project. We have a budget of 150€. If we need more, we have to look for by ourselves. We have one year to achieve our goal.
B.A.S are special classes where we can have some in-depth study and support classes, depending on our needs. We choose where to go, and it happens to be very useful. UNSS is a sport association where we can compete against other high schools. Every class in the LP2I has « suivi », which is a special class, where we can speak about our problems and what to improve at the LP2I, but we also fill out the GEPI which is our objectives for the future, and what we must improve in our studies. We speak about our orientation with a teacher.
We also have a commission called « CVL » whih makes decisions about our life at school, what to improve and what to suppress. The CVL is a group of students, elected by the students.  (Lysandre)

Exchange France – Italy – Spain presentation

Our partners are:
1 ITIS PININFARINA technical secondary school in Torino (Italy)
2 Instituto de Educación Secundaria Alpajés in Aranjuez (Spain)
Since last September three partners have been working together on an eTwinning project “Industry & Robotics @ school”.
Since Jan 31st to Feb 5th nine Italian students, fifteen French students and twenty-five Spanish students will meet in Aranjuez. French and Italian students will be hosted by Spanish students.
During this exchange students will have some international lessons and a robotics’ workshop at school. We will visit the Robotics Department of the Madrid University and INDRA factory in Aranjuez. Students will also have the possibility to visit some museums, palaces and other tourist attractions.

Architecture & history of our school


The LP2I has a particular architecture with a shape of Delta. It has a moving ellipsoidal roof. Now, the school is 25 years old. The project of the Technopole ( including the LP2I ) started with the idea of René Monory in 1955. He was a really important man in France ( President of the Senate between 1992-1998 and three times minister and minister of education).  (Nicolas)