Mathematic Analysis of the video game

In our game we used a lot of algorithms like if then or the variables.

For exemple, interactions are managed by two variables that lieds interactions between different sprites :  If…… then change variable i1 by 1….. else / When i1 > 0, then say “…….”            So we can say all sprite in the game are lied together by a lot of interactions.

We had to resolve many bug and debugging is a very anoying activity. Our game is composed by 4 sequences that we had to build.

In the game, when you press some inputs one sprite will move and the game can begin; Come to see it at this adress :

Radio Program

We have done a radio program in the LPII ( Lycée Pilote Innovant Internationale ) , so we spoke about Hunger Games and we made a debat between the world of Hunger Game and the world of Harry Potter . 🙂  😆

This is the picture of the radio program :


You can listen this radio program , you must click in this link

   /!\  —————————————————————-   /!\
Harry Potter is the most beautiful world .
No Way , Hunger Game is the best world ever ! 😀  :mrgreen:  😆

Video Game : Utopie’s World

Hello my name is Mr. Couscous, I was born on the 1st january at 00:01am 1969. I’m tall, and I have some dread locks. I’m from mixed origins. I have glasses and big brown eyes.

I live in DarkHorse Avenue, California. I have a wife whose called Ippy and I have three children. They’re big fans of unicorns from Despicable Me. We saw this movie 50 times.Their bedrooms walls are cover of pink, purple, rainbow, gold and unicorns. It’s almost Christmas, and my children ordered unicorns .

During this time, in the magic Utopie’s World, the mean wizard Diaz, has an army of horses with supernatural powers invaded the kingdom. They killed the inhabitants of Utopie’s World. Only the unicorns with their magic corns can stop them. The unicorn’s king named Mr.Corne Et Deglace

So I was walking down the street, on my way to the supermarket to buy some unicorns. I was in my thoughts, and I didn’t see the sign post in front of me, I bumped into it, fell down on the floor and fainted. A thick fog appeared and I’ve been sent to an imaginary world. As I love unicorns, each time I touch them, I get a point. If I touch a horse, then, I die because the horses are mean. Once i’m dead, I return in the normal world and I keep the unicorns that I won.

Identity Card Alice in the Wonderland

Character of the story :

In this world, animals can speak and wear clothes

– Alice Kingsley : the main character is named Alice, she’s 19 years old

– Cheshire cat : he’s a magic cat, he can speek, and he can disapeear or if he has an objet (for example a hat), he can transform him in the owner of the hat (the crazy milliner/hatter)

– The white rabbit : it’s a magic rabbit. He wears a jacket and a pocket watch. He’s always in a hurry. It’s him who gone to get Alice

– Iracebeth, Red (heart) queen : she’s in the camp of the mean (red), sister of the white quenn

– Mirana, White queen : she’s in the camp of the nice (white), sister of the red quenn

– Crazy milleiner : he’s a crazy man really funny, he help Alice

– Absolem : The blue caterpillar is the sage of the wonderland, at the bigginig, he think Alice is not the true Alice but she is

– The little mouse

– Jabberwocky (dragon)

– Tweedledum and Tweedledee

– Vorpaline sword : it’s the sword witch can kill the jabberwocky

– Bayard : he’s a dog who can speak, he sems to be in the red camp but he is in the nice camp


Writter :

Lewis Carroll


Producer :

Tim Burton



– Alice at her weading

– She falls in the rabbit home

– She arrive in the Wonderland for the second time (she already went here when she was a child)

– A world in war between the two camps (white : nice / red)

– Alice meet alls the characters of the story

– She become the hero of Mirana, the white queen

– She kill the jabberwocky, the hero of the red queen

– She drink the blood of he jabberwocky and go back to the real life

– And refuses her weading


Place :

– Two parallels worlds : one real (where Alice is at the beginning) and one imaginary world (Wonderland)

– We don’t really know if the Wonderland is big or not because the size of the objects and the creatures change of the time

– Two kingdom in the wonderland (the white and the red) are opposed and governed by two sisters


Tradition :

– characters always drink tea

– they eat cake witch make bigger and drink a potion witch make you smaller.

– Alice has a lot of diferents clothes because she always has differents size

– Animals have got clothes to it’s really funny

– The hat of the crazy milleiner is really important on this stoy because Alice often hide her-self in when she is really small. She move mainly ike that


Magicals powers :

– In this world, there are not really magicals power but :

– Animals wear clothes

– The cake and the potion are magics

– All of the characters can speak

– Alice drink the blood of the Jabberwocky to go back in her world

Our new world and the video game Mospectros

1) Our new world

I’m a man who comes from the earth. I am a French soldier sent in America to help countries. I discover a new world, Mospectros, when I fell in the “Triangle des Bermudes” during a mission in Atlantic sea.

During my adventure, I discover a different world than our. The world is a medieval world, there are lot of farmers who are poor and some nobles people. The farmers cultivate big fields and the nobles fight and eat all day long.

The cities are small and dirty, the wars are everywhere. There are diseases like plague or cholera, nobody know how to cure themselves. But I was able to discover areas of forest, bigs lakes. In this world the nature was not touched by the humans.

I was lost and I had to change my clothes to survive in this unknown world. I was said to win a fight against a terrible wizard, and to take his creature, a big dragon.
Lot of children are kidnapped by him. I think I can win the fight and comes back to my planet, the earth.

Please, help me to win !

2) Our video game : Welcome to Mospectros !

Anne Bonny’s life.


Be a woman pirate can be difficult.

Being a pirate woman can be difficult. But, this life, this liberty, it’s awesome. People didn’t trust me, they didn’t think I could be a good pirate.
So… I had to show them how a Lady could become the greatest pirate the world never knew.
Now, this is my story.

I’m a girl like any other. I’m happy, my husband, Georges, is fantastic, and I believe in our future. I imagine us with kids, beautiful house, garden with green grass…
Everything is gonna be perfect.

Everything it looks like hell. It’s awful.
Georges isn’t the husband I had expect in my dreams.
The scars which mark my body are more and more difficult to hide. My parents refuse to believe me. All days, I hope that I can escape. And in the middle of the summer, I’m gone.
For what ? Another country. Another life. I’m gone up in a boat. A big boat. “The princess”.

I’m the captain of this boat. I’ve seen the most beautiful sceneries and all the seas in the world. I’ve killed too. I’m respected. I’m the only one woman in the history to be a captain. And I like it.
I never scared. I’m just happy to be here.


And to go to the Anne Bonny’s game, you can click here !