Juin 15

Diary of the first meeting written by Norwegian students


Juin 12

First Meeting in Burgas

Here are the minutes of the first Meeting for Training, Teaching and Learning in Burgas :  First meeting for training, teaching and learning

Many other documents here !

Avr 26

Project’s logo !

During the meeting in Bulgaria, our students chose the official logo of our project:

Avr 26

In the press

Bulgarian newspapers speak about our project and our students (25 April 2018) :

Just have a look here: https://www.24chasa.bg/region/article/6832479 => Article from a national newspaper :Students from four countries will discuss the problems of migration”


        “Students from four countries will write stories about migration”


Avr 24

Presentation on Migration from Bulgarian students

A document on migration : What is MIGRATION

Avr 24

New presentation, from Italian students.

Here is the presentation of Riposto, in Italy, made by Italian students : http://blogpeda.ac-poitiers.fr/migrationerasmus/presentations/italys-presentations/

Avr 03

Logos !

On this page, you can see all logos designed by the students of the four countries involved in this Erasmus + project.

Fév 03

Erasmus space in the French Highschool

Exhibition of all the logos done by French students

Jan 22

New presentations, from Norwegian students

Here are the presentations of Norway, Larvik, and Thor Heyerdahl videregaende skole : http://blogpeda.ac-poitiers.fr/migrationerasmus/presentations/norways-presentations/

Jan 13

Erasmus project presentation

Here is a presentation a our Erasmus plus project, done by French students : https://madmagz.com/magazine/1188838#/page/3

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